Virtual Resort Manager Company Profile

Our mission is to provide excellent vacation rental management software systems, marketing services, and customer support to an expanding client base. The company's software is inclusive of all aspects of reservations, front desk, housekeeping, maintenance, marketing analysis, financial analysis and record keeping as well as other back office management tools.

Traditionally, a company would have to search out and retain the services of at least three separate vendors to supply this level of service. By combining services, VRM provides better service at a reduced cost and becomes the most logical, most appealing choice for the client. In addition, the software, designed to provide the utmost in user friendliness, automates processes that would require manual input on other similar programs thereby, decreasing the chance of human error and to allowing realization of new efficiencies with existing staff.

Our team of officers and employees boasts a large, diverse, wealth of knowledge. This group of mature professionals knows what the customer wants and needs to be successful. This team knows the customer expects satisfying equipment, service, training, and follow-up. The VRM Team has the means, the talent, and the resources to anticipate customer needs and exceed their expectations.

The VRM Team maintains regular office hours, Monday to Friday, with 24-hour emergency customer support.