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VRM Insider, What Every Vacation Rental Manager Should Know About Property Automation Technology

Our guest for the July 2020 VRM Insider was PointCentral. If you are not familiar with PointCentral, they help you reduce hassle and improve your operating income through smart automation and connected devices. Isn't that cool?!As a property management software that s... View the full post »

July VRM Monthly Marketing Planner and Free Desktop Wallpaper Calendars

Welcome to July!! Here is our monthly marketing planner and FREE desktop wallpaper calendar. In this blog post, you will find a few helpful marketing tips, FREE sharable quote posts, and a beautiful July 2020 desktop wallpaper calendar. Here at Virtual Resort Manager... View the full post »

VRM Insider, JUST GOOGLE IT! Drive Direct Bookings Using the World’s Most Powerful Search Engine

It doesn't seem to matter what age you are or where you are from... everyone knows the word Google. There is no doubt that Google has had immense success over the last few years, and it looks like that trend will continue. As your vacation rental software provider, it... View the full post »

June VRM Monthly Marketing Planner and Free Desktop Wallpaper Calendars

It is officially June 2020! We are midway through the year... and what a year it has been so far. There is still a lot to look forward to as we head into the summer months. This is the high season for many of our clients who are in East Coast beach markets. Regaining... View the full post »

VRM Insider, Vacation Rental Protection Programs in a Post Pandemic World

A huge point of conversation for every property manager (and for your vacation rental software provider) has been travel protection. With the massive amounts of cancellations and rescheduling due to COVID-19, the shape of the travel protection industry is changing. For ... View the full post »

May VRM Monthly Marketing Planner and Free Desktop Wallpaper Calendars

Happy May! Although May 2020 may not be going as you would have predicted, there is still so much to be thankful for and to look forward to. Businesses throughout the travel and vacation industry have been impacted tremendously by the current COVID-19 pandemic. We are liv... View the full post »

VRM Insider, Eliminate Criminals and Creepos with Safely

VRM is excited to present our vacation rental software clients with an introduction to one of our newest partners, Safely! During our April VRM Insider webinar, Safely introduced us to their unique product. Has a home owner ever asked you, "Who is staying in my home?" o... View the full post »

April VRM Monthly Marketing Planner and Free Desktop Wallpaper Calendars

Welcome to April 2020. Can you believe that a quarter of the year has already passed? As we dive into April, our world and the vacation rental management industry is facing unprecedented challenges. The COVID-19 crisis has affected every corner of the vacation rental busi... View the full post »

The Best Work From Home Tips from a Telecommute Company

Did you know that Virtual Resort Manager has been a telecommuting company for quite a while? That's right! Your favorite vacation rental software provider started making the transition to working remotely ten years ago. Today, we are in our fifth year of being a 100% ... View the full post »

VRM Insider, How Guiding Your Guest Journey with YourWelcome Can Change Your Business

Have you ever gotten a phone call from a guest asking "How do I work the TV?" or "Is late check-out an option?" Has a guest ever asked about the best local restaurants? We all know that guests first begin their booking interaction with you via your vacation rental... View the full post »

March VRM Monthly Marketing Planner and Free Desktop Wallpaper Calendars

Can you believe that it is already March? Where did January and February go? As we press into 2020, there are so many great things to look forward to. At VRM, it is a time of year for us to help many of our vacation rental software clients get ready for the busy seasons.&... View the full post »

VRM Insider, The True Value of Dynamic Pricing

We are “BEYOND” excited to introduce one of our newest integration partners, Beyond Pricing. They are the leading dynamic pricing tool in the vacation rental management industry. We have thoroughly tested the VRM/Beyond Pricing conn... View the full post »

New Year, News from the CEO

A Message From Michael 2019 was a year of transitions for everyone here at VRM... and I think our clients as well.  With Pete and Jennifer retired, transitioning to the Inhabit family, and learning how to work within our new “cor... View the full post »

February VRM Monthly Marketing Planner and Free Desktop Wallpaper Calendars

Welcome to February all you fine people! Can you believe that January 2020 has already past and we are diving into the second month of the year? As a vacation rental management company, this may be a busy time for bookings and getting ready for your 2020 peak season. Some... View the full post »

Exciting New Data Tools for You From VRM and LSI

We are excited to introduce an amazing new tool to our vacation rental software clients. And the best part is that it is FREE! If you are ready to seize more opportunities to improve your occupancy and revenue, then it is time for you to evaluate and understand your data.... View the full post »