VRM Insider: The VRM Pace Report Enhancement

At VRM, we are always one the hunt for ways to make improvements to our vacation rental software. We recently released new Pace Comparison Report that you are going to love. The new enhancements are for both short-term and seasonal rental. They provide a benchmark for how your business is doing for a selected year-to-date, and the ability to compare that to another year. 

The Pace Comparison Report for short-term rentals will allow you to view the differences between the two years. Those difference include: gross rent, percentage of gross rent difference, number of nights booked, percentage of difference of nights booked, the number of reservations, and the percentage difference of number of reservations.

You will see in the webinar that the Pace Comparison Report for seasonals is slightly different, but works in the same. It will include the comparison for gross rent and nights booked. 

Pace Comparison Report

For Short-Term Rentals, this report can be found:

Accounting > Reports > Pace Comparison - Short Term

For Seasonals, this report can be found under:

Accounting > Reports > Pace Comparison - Seasonals

Watch the full webinar replay for a complete review of this report enhancement!

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