Why VRM Was the Best Thing to Happen to Us

Coastal Vacation Resorts manages approximately 225 vacation homes in the beautiful coastal town of Holden Beach, NC. In May of 2015, after learning the many benefits of VRM, the industry’s only complete vacation rental management system, Coastal Vacation Resorts made the switch and has not regretted it one day. Recently, Vice President of Coastal Vacation Resorts, Charity Parsons, sat down to discuss why she was pleased that Coastal Vacation Resorts made the change to Virtual Resort Manager.

Since adopting the VRM software, Coastal Vacation Resorts has seen improvements in managing tasks from making reservations to receiving guest feedback. Everyone at Coastal Vacation Rentals is happy with the extensive features VRM offers, noting that VRM is "user-friendly, easy to learn, and easy to teach to other people.”

The features of this paperless system benefit both the owners and guests who use Coastal Vacation Rentals. In fact, since implementing VRM, Coastal Vacation Rentals has seen a substantial increase in guest feedback and interaction during and following their stay. Specifically, guests are now leaving longer and more detailed report cards and surveys than ever before thanks to the convenience of the VRM paperless system. The increase in guest feedback has been very pleasing to the rental property owners as well. Coastal Vacation Rentals is excited that both guests and owners are receiving more positive feedback on properties. Feedback like this continues to establish Coastal Vacation Rentals’ brand as a leader in Holden Beach vacations and property management.

Replacing their old software with VRM has been "one of the best and most wonderful experiences” for Coastal Vacation Resorts. While still using their old system, Coastal Vacation Rentals’ managers found that each month numbers failed to add up, resulting in issues surrounding their accounting department. After making the switch to VRM, Ms. Parsons has enjoyed the automated NCREC-compliant escrow accounting system and has finally found consistency in their accounting and reporting, eliminating their previous struggles.
One of the premier benefits of switching to VRM is the literature that accompanies the software. VRM has worked tirelessly to ensure the materials are helpful to users and easy to understand, further making the switch to a new software program as seamless as possible.
Experience the ease and simplicity of VRM today! Contact us to schedule a free demo and start the process now.

Have a great experience of your own by switching to VRM today! Contact us to schedule a free demo or start the process now.

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